The cloud is often seen as a driver of innovation, and that has led to more than a few cloud-based business dreams. But just because organizations are dreaming of the cloud doesn't mean it has become a reality for everyone. In fact, it a significant number of businesses have been hesitant in their cloud implementations, according to this CA Technologies infographic.

Not surprisingly, 80 percent of survey respondents said cloud computing is an enabler for innovation However, more than half of those have no plans to implement cloud solutions, and 60 percent of the ones with plans said it will take two years to allocation funding for cloud-driven initiatives. Stressed budgets will always play a role in technology procurement, but another issue holding cloud deployments back is the fear of change. A significant number of respondents expressed concern over the fact that new IT roles would likely have to be created in order to fully leverage the new technology.

As the research data showcases, many professionals are concerned over just how disruptive cloud technology could be for their business. Despite these concerns, there is still interest in cloud-driven innovation. This suggests cloud service providers may need to build customer knowledge, so that rather than feel threatened, they can better understand their role in regard to cloud solutions.

"Innovation doesn’t happen by accident," the infographic states. "Instead of considering the cloud as an alternative in the IT value chain, understand that it can be the spark for innovation throughout the enterprise.And as cloud offerings grow in maturity and volume, it’s also the catalyst for career growth in IT."

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