Many businesses have struggled to effectively leverage the mountains of data they have collected on their customers, internal processes and market trends. Others, however, have managed to mine those treasure troves of information for insight. As a recent infographic published by CMSWire illustrated, the explosion of data has corresponded with a steady growth in cloud storage and enterprise mobility. The visualization also highlighted where all of this data resides, making the following points:

• 23 percent of business data is housed in cloud storage
• 47 percent of customer data resides on mobile devices
• 42 percent of business information is duplicated

Integration has played an even more critical role in the cloud storage industry. As CMSWire reported, Google showcased this by allowing file sharing between its social network and Google Drive, which now has more than 10 million users. Information growth is likely to continue in coming months, allowing for big data to remain a key technology trend in 2013.

A Gartner report from October estimated big data spending to reach $28 billion by the end of this year and continue growth into 2013 to reach $34 billion. According to Research Vice President Mark Beyer this is due to the realization that big data is connected to numerous technology trends. Although big data's appetite for storage seems novel now, Gartner expects that hardware and analytics platforms will be expected to accommodate the volume and speed necessary to use it by 2020. As early as 2015, analysts expect technology leaders will have embedded big data functionality into numerous services.

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