Security concerns have encouraged many companies to adopt private cloud storage solutions rather than face the data breach risks presented by a public solution. Recent research from TechNavio shows continued growth in the global private cloud storage market, which is expected to increase 8.98 percent year-over-year through 2016

Analysts also observed increasing interest in the hybrid model, but noted that the high cost of private solutions remains a barrier for many companies. Despite this barrier, private cloud solutions remain an ideal option for many organizations.

Exploring the private cloud ecosystem, TechTarget contributor Lynn Haber noted that government agencies and other highly regulated sectors benefit significantly from private cloud computing. However, these aren’t the only types of organizations that could benefit from the model. Haber noted enterprises that have the architecture to support them and develop their own business applications would likely gain efficiency from the private cloud. As long as corporate decision makers realize that implementation can still be a significant investment in time and resources, companies can successfully move operations to the cloud.

“And while there’s more work, there are also more options, especially compared with several years ago, when companies believed they had to build a private cloud from scratch,” Haber wrote. “Companies can use one of several products available today as a jumping off point before they move forward with integration, security, right-sizing, management and process redesign.”

The expanding number of options and diverse vendor landscape may make it more difficult to navigate the cloud market. According to Haber, Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson highlighted the value in taking stock of existing architecture maturity, adopting automation solutions and improving practices for procuring services.

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