Egnyte, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, recently announced a solution that integrates with third-party storage platforms. The company noted that price reductions in offerings from Google and Amazon have made the cloud an attractive option for data center optimization because these solutions allow companies to shift some of the infrastructure demand to the provider. While traditional cloud deployments offer a high amount of scalability, organizations that utilize offerings from multiple vendors often struggle with managing data between unique solutions

EgnytePlus addresses this problem by integrating with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and NetApp Storage Grid. This ensures that a seamless experience across diverse cloud environments and allows workers to easily share data for collaboration.

“I often hear talk about the cloud as the be all, end all of technology, but it is only part of the solution,” said Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte. “Businesses need a combination of choice and control – choice of local storage or type of cloud, and control over what files live where. Since not all files are the same, they cannot be treated in the same way. It’s a fact that the overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies use multiple on-premise storage vendors and at least one cloud storage provider. Egnyte has the only file sharing solution available to give enterprises the choice and control across their diverse storage environments.”

Fostering integration between other offerings can be valuable for cloud storage companies that want to attract enterprise customers. As Jain explained in an interview with Cloud Pro, large businesses typically have existing contracts with providers like Amazon and Microsoft. This places a premium on facilitating access and streamlining the process of accessing assets between services. Jain re-emphasized the value of giving customers control, and he said Egnyte’s goal was to decouple the compute and storage layers within the cloud.

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