The majority of companies have shifted some of their processes to the cloud, as even regulated sectors look toward the advantages of scalability and flexibility. However, new research revealed that a significant number of organizations will soon move the majority of their software to the cloud. In a CommScope survey of 1,100 IT leaders, 21 percent of respondents said they relied on the technology for more than half of their applications. 

The number of programs stored on cloud hardware is likely to increase significantly by 2017, as 52 percent of those polled said they would use the cloud for the majority of their applications by then. One of the factors contributing to this momentum is that on-premise infrastructure is under greater strain. 

"It's clear from the survey that bring-your-own-device is a growing trend and places a heavy demand on organizational infrastructure, while weighing heavily on the minds of most network IT professionals," said Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president, enterprise solutions at CommScope. "The pace of mobility adoption by consumers – and thus the workforce and company visitors – has outrun the infrastructure and practices in place within enterprise facilities to support it."

Jimm Hulsey, manager of education services at CommScope, explored the survey results in a blog post, comparing the recent research to numbers from 1994. The data shows just how dramatically the enterprise data center has changed since then. For instance, data transfer speeds of 100 Mbs were considered fast where as new records in the past four years have gone far past 100 Gbs. Despite significant advances, however, there is a lot more data moving in IT environments today, which has created bandwidth as well as storage challenges.

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