Enterprise applications have grown increasingly data intensive in recent years as performance demands rise in response to growing volume. While big data is often cited as the primary force driving this growth in IT ecosystems, developments in video and other media have played a role in driving demand for capacity. MBX Systems, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, recently announced the release of a new server designed for meeting the wide range of needs in corporate data centers. The appliance is able to fit 60 3.5″ drives, where as traditional models are designed for 36, and is intended to reduce time-to-deployment by eliminating the time required to create a custom high density chassis. The hardware features include:

“With the surge in big data as well as the ongoing explosion in application-related storage and processing needs, application providers have an urgent need for appliance solutions with extreme storage density as well as the flexibility to meet their specific configuration and componentry requirements,” said Jeff Luckett, MBX director of engineering. “The MBX X-60 offers an affordable, best-in-class solution that provides both storage and processing power in a high density package that can be quickly configured to individual specifications without the long lead times of building a fully custom server.”

The server can accommodate a wide range of application needs, including high quality video streaming and cloud storage. Luckett also explained that MBX X-60 was intended to allow for a highly customizable configuration so that businesses can fine-tune their hardware. Application vendors may also leverage MBX’s engineering team to ensure optimal hardware deployment and to match configurations to the specific needs of their software.

Value in custom configuration
Many companies utilize turnkey solutions to enable fast time-to-deployment. However, many solutions support limited customization and may not be able to meet the demands of each company. MBX solves this problem by manufacturing custom appliance platforms for software and other service providers. This strategy has served many companies well, as MBX reported a 27 percent year-over-year revenue growth between 2012 and 2013, with a 61 percent increase in new business.

Granicus, a leading cloud applications provider for government organizations, leveraged MBX to develop numerous custom components for its application platforms. This included specialized hard drive brackets and a custom SKU for the power supply. MBX has also worked with Scale Computing, a NAS and SAN storage system developer and Infosim, a network and service assurance technology vendor. In each case, companies worked with MBX as both a technology provider and a trusted partner. This enabled them to utilize best-in-class hardware optimally configured for their business.

“MBX was also the sole recipient of Quality Magazine’s 2012 Quality Plant of the Year award, based on the company’s extensive quality management capabilities and manufacturing innovations that have virtually eliminated system failures,” the company said in a release. “Five other award recognitions during the year included an ML100 Manufacturing Leadership Award for operational excellence from Manufacturing Executive.”

The supplemental services MBX provides include software imaging, custom BIOS loading, branding and internal logistics management. This minimizes the hardware burden for companies so that they can focus more on delivering valuable services. MBX addresses the needs of customers in more than 40 industries, including network security, video gaming, communications, cloud computing and high performance computing.

MBX relies on Seagate as its primary hard drive provider due to the high product quality and support required to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

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