Enterprises have pushed for higher capacity from their cloud storage environments, particularly as companies expand the reach of their data centers. Supermicro, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, recently announced several high-capacity offerings with the latest versions of its SuperWorkstation, SuperServer and SuperStorage solutions. These solutions were showcased at the NAB Show, held April 6 through 11.

“Supermicro focuses on maximizing performance, density and power savings across our computing and storage product lines,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “For example, our new 72 HDD Double-Sided Storage server is unrivaled in density and the throughput performance of 10GB/sec enabling broadcasters to deliver content using the latest high resolution formats.”

In particular, Supermicro showcased its new high-capacity storage server, which features 72 3.5″ hot-swappable hard drives and up to 288TB of capacity. Liang further explained that the company’s FatTwin platform allows for the highest efficiency at 4U, noting that it can save customers $500 per node over four years.

“When scaled out to serve HD and UHD digital content over thousands of channels, performance, density and power savings become crucial business considerations for broadcast IT operations,” Liang said.

Supermicro’s latest storage server may have been the star of the show, but the company showcased several other offerings including:

In addition to the NAB Show, Super Micro attended the 2013 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in March to showcase its GPU computing solutions. These solutions, which were also built using the FatTwin platform, are designed for high utilization and can support more than 1,800 users per rack. Ed Ellett, senior vice president of NVIDIA’s professional solutions business said Supermicro’s hardware “set a new standard for high-density, NVIDIA GRID deployments.” By optimizing for performance and focusing on power conservation, Supermicro enables customers to maximize their return on investment.

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