The cloud has emerged as a popular enterprise collaboration tool due to its accessible file-sharing and synchronization features. However, security requirements can make some businesses reluctant to store mission-critical documents within third-party infrastructure. In addition, the large volume of data many companies deal with in today’s IT ecosystem makes latency and other performance issues a prominent concern for cloud-powered collaboration. Egnyte, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, solves this problem by offering both local and cloud storage services.

Egnyte’s success was recently marked by the company’s increasing traction in the construction and engineering industry – a customer base that has grown 47 percent per year. In addition, Egynte delivers solutions for 1,000 media and advertising companies with a growth rate in this area of 40 percent.

“What I like best about Egnyte is the anywhere access to my information at the highest possible speed,” said Howard Jacobson, Envision Sales and Marketing Group. “Wherever I am, Egnyte gives me the fastest access to a document or a spreadsheet and is always a reliable solution. No matter my location, I simply sit down, log into Egnyte, and get started.”

IKEA Build-up Project Manager Phil Szuch noted that his company relies heavily on Egnyte’s local storage solution and values the platform’s high-performance file-sharing functionality for providing access to geographically disparate consultants.

The consumerization of IT trend has played a significant role in driving demand for enterprise-grade file-sharing solutions. A report from IDG Enterprise recently highlighted the rise of mobility in particular, revealing that 60 percent of organizations now support bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Surveying enterprises from around the world, analysts connected the popularity of trends such as BYOD with increased interest in using the cloud to raise engagement. Seventy-one percent of respondents said they saw file-sharing and collaboration as a particularly valuable service in this area.

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