As one of the leading cloud builders focusing on providing security expertise alongside its storage solutions, Egnyte has been a strong industry player for many enterprises who continue to have security and privacy concerns in the cloud environment. Chief Executive Vineet Jain recently spoke with SFGate about the company’s plans to position itself as the go-to provider that can assuage the public’s anxieties over cloud storage solutions that were heightened by the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs.

Jain told the source that it is important for businesses to not buy into the hype surrounding cloud storage solutions, and all data should not be migrated to cloud environments blindly, simply because all data is not suited for this environment.

“The very simple concept is, we believe in data gravity,” said Jain. “Not all data is supposed to be in the cloud.”

Instead of moving all data out from behind corporate firewalls and onto remote servers, companies need to take a more strategic approach to data storage management. Additionally, organizations will need to store some files on premises because there is a lag that occurs when a large amount of data is processed over the Internet, Jain explained to the source.

Egnyte announced the release of its new Storage Connect product last month, which enables businesses to utilize a single interface to access and manage data that is located across numerous physical locations and are within a wide range of sensitivity levels. In addition, Egnyte is taking the privacy concerns produced by the NSA head on with its new Prism Prevention Program service. The service is aimed at facilitating secure file sharing by alerting corporate heads to unsecure employee practices that could put corporate data at risk of being exposed to government monitoring efforts.

As Fortune reporter Chanelle Bessette recently detailed, Egnyte’s new offerings are targeted at businesses that are growing fearful of cloud storage. The company is accomplishing this by mirroring enterprise file sharing after personal sharing solutions to help establish a new level of comfort with the technology and virtualized environments. A member of the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance, Egnyte is clearly taking a step forward to bolster its storage offerings and cater to modern industry concerns.

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