Mobile devices are an increasingly important part of company IT operations, especially for accessing data and applications in the cloud. However, some enterprises have struggled to secure mobile projects, especially bring-your-own-device initiatives.

To address this issue, Egnyte, a member of the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance, recently announced the release of free applications for iOS and Android that integrate with its innovative Storage Connect platform. These software tools enable enterprise users to access files stored in the cloud, locally or behind a firewall, combining strong security with ease-of-use and eliminating many of the risks traditionally associated with BYOD.

How Egnyte’s mobile apps solve common BYOD security issues
BYOD is a widespread phenomena, buoyed by the simultaneous emergence of sophisticated smartphones, tablets and cloud computing services. According to memeburn managing editor Michelle Atagana, more than eight in 10 enterprises are exploring BYOD initiatives.

However, many of them have not taken precautions to ensure that consumerized hardware does not put corporate data at risk. For example, many employees may utilize consumer cloud services that are suited to personal tasks, but unfit for the unique compliance and security obligations of the enterprise. They may use these solutions because business-grade alternatives are too complicated or sluggish.

Egnyte’s Storage Connect solution directly addressed this issue by giving organizations a new way to store, manage and access data kept on-premises and in cloud storage systems. The rollout of compatible mobile applications means that IT departments will be able to go a step further and become much better equipped to handle file sharing and collaboration across all devices.

“Access to files located in existing, on-premises storage from a mobile device has always been the last mile in reaping BYOD productivity, ” stated Egnyte CEO and founder Vineet Jain. “Our new mobile apps not only deliver that last mile of user access, but also create a secure, end-to-end perimeter where files from on-premises storage are encrypted on the mobile device and can be remotely wiped in case the device is lost or stolen.”

The ability to easily access on-site storage is crucial because of the large amount of information that cannot be safely stored in the cloud. A recent IDG study revealed that more than 61 percent of corporate files may need to be kept on-premises in order for it to be safe. Egnyte’s storage solutions ensure that companies can balance demand for mobile access with their security obligations.

Egnyte mobility apps provide easy synchronization and integration with Storage Connect
Specific features of Egnyte’s mobile apps include:

At the same time, administrators now have access to the Egnyte Device Control Suite that provides granular control over devices and access permissions. Managers can remotely wipe devices and view a comprehensive list of endpoints connected to the network. Additionally, they can rest easier knowing that local file encryption and a certificate-based trust system keeps data safe from unauthorized personnel.

Organizations are already seeing the advantages of Egnyte Storage Connect, and the new mobile apps appear set to improve enterprise cloud storage options in many sectors. Even universities and athletes are benefiting from the new collaboration and sharing possibilities that Egnyte has created.

“Our student athletes are constantly on the go, whether they are heading to class, getting ready for practice, or traveling for games,” said Kerry Keating, head coach of the Santa Clara University basketball team. “We needed an easy way to keep everyone synced up and on the same page for both academics and basketball. Now, my staff and I are able to upload schedules, meeting notes, and game plans via Egnyte and share them with the team and support staff.”

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