Enterprises have to come to terms with a growing number of different software-defined technologies. The terminology itself may be making it difficult for managers to understand the effects that these new modes of cloud storage and networking could have on data centers.

While software-defined networks may have limited impact on small and midsize businesses, software-defined storage could have wider appeal. It may become a central asset for any company seeking to migrate assets to the cloud

At the most basic level, cloud storage solutions like SDS are designed to divert IT resources from repetitive tasks so that workers can focus on more pressing concerns. Speaking to HumanIPO, Cybervine IT Solutions technical director Grant Vine stated that software-defined services reduce costs and give managers greater control over assets. More specifically, they may streamline the provisioning and purchasing processes.

However, there are key distinctions between SDNs and SDS. While SDNs are beneficial to multi-tenant hosting environments, they may be less important for small companies that do not operate complex data centers.

“On the other hand, software defined storage has a greater value for all businesses, regardless of size, allowing them to dictate different metrics for their storage requirements while also offering flexibility in how to invest in storage and choose the right vendor,” stated Vine.

SMBs and large organizations can benefit from the automation and fine-tuned control of SDS. Moreover, SDS gives businesses more flexibility when procuring cloud storage hardware because the control layer is abstracted from the underlying appliance.

Software-defined technologies have evolved at a rapid pace, with several key vendors leading the way. Nexenta, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, was recently recognized as a leader in SDS. Respondents to an IT Brand Pulse survey of IT professionals stated that Nexenta had contributed the most to SDS innovation over the past five years.

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