TYAN, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, is showcasing a new set of servers that support the Intel Xeon Phi architecture. The exhibition is taking place at the SC13 conference in Denver, Colo. from November 18 to November 21, with products targeted at the high performance and cloud computing services markets that require particularly robust, cost-effective IT infrastructure.

One of the main products that TYAN is demo​nstrating is the FT77B-7059, a GPU and co-processor server. The FT77B-7059 supports up to 10 internal 3.5″ HDDs, eight Xeon Phi co-processors and two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors for high performance, energy-efficiency and parallel computing. Clients will benefit from the FT77B-7059’s ability to support intensive workflows and mission-critical applications in their data centers.

“TYAN’s mission is to partner with our customers to better serve IT professionals,” stated Albert Mu, vice president of MiTAC Group TYAN Business Unit. “TYAN keeps inventing flexible, reliable, higher-performance and lower operating cost solutions to help customers to build ideal IT infrastructure as well as provide a better response to business opportunities in the changing world.”

In addition to the FT77B-7059, TYAN is exhibiting solutions optimized for cloud infrastructure such as its FM65-B5531 Micro Server and the KTN70 and KTN70A storage appliances, which can accommodate up to 24 HDDs. The FM65-B5531 features 18 nodes and is ideal for companies that support customers using Web hosting services. TYAN is also showing several nearline storage products for data centers.

For the high performance computing market, TYAN is displaying its S7056 and S7066 rack-optimized server boards. Both solutions have Gigabit Ethernet ports, PCI-E Gen.3 lanes and I/O expansion.

Going forward, TYAN will a​lso be the first company outside of IBM to build a Power server, according to TechWorld contributor Agam Shah. IBM open-sourced the Power8 architecture in August, creating opportunities for vendors to build compatible servers and components.

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