Xyratex, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, recently announced the upcoming release of the ClusterStor 9000, the latest in its line of ClusterStor storage solutions for big data and high performance computing workloads. The ClusterStor 9000 greatly surpasses the performance of the older ClusterStor 1500 and ClusterStor 6000 models and is optimized for both speed and energy efficiency. It will be available through Xyratex’s partners, beginning mid-2014.

ClusterStor was announced in June 2011, and it has since given enterprises better options for building scalable and reliable IT infrastructure. ClusterStor combines the typically discrete storage, network and server components into a modular unit called a scalable storage unit. Each component has its own software layer for management. Featuring efficient throughput and cost reduction, ClusterStor 9000 addresses storage I/O issues by yielding up to 60 GB/s, a 50 percent increase over the ClusterStor 6000.

“We believe that while performance is always going to a key part of what HPC and big data is about, more and more our customers are concerned with the productivity of their infrastructure,” stated Ken Claffey, general manager and senior vice president of ClusterStor at Xyratex. “By delivering a truly engineered system that [harnesses] the world’s leading parallel file system to create a storage solution that is performance optimized, yet easy to deploy, manage and scale, we firmly establish ourselves as the storage performance leaders.”

ClusterStor 9000 also brings several new features such as the ClusterStor Manager, which provides holistic visibility into the configuration and status of a high performance computing setup. ClusterStor Grid RAID also provides up to 400 percent faster drive rebuild times and compatibility with the new high capacity drives.

Xyratex is exhibiting its new ClusterStor solutions at the SC13 conference from Nov. 18 to Nov. 21 in Denver, Colo. Presenters at the booth include Seagate, Mellanox, HP and others.

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