Nexenta, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, has teamed up with pure-play OpenStack vendor Mirantis to focus on new enterprise storage solutions. The partnership will pair Mirantis OpenStack with Nexenta’s industry-leading software-defined storage offerings. Clients will be able to improve large-scale cloud deployments and reduce costs by running services on industry-standard hardware.

More specifically, NexentaStor will be integrated with Mirantis platforms in these solutions, creating a simplified customer management experience for OpenStack deployments in both private and public environments. As an added benefit, the openness of the solution enables enterprises to avoid vendor lock in, which can result from over-reliance on proprietary appliances and software.

Nexenta has already made major contributions to the OpenStack code base and integrated OpenStack with its storage technologies. The Mirantis partnership is another step in bringing OpenStack services to a wider audience.

“We see a lot of interest in Nexenta storage management from our customers, and this partnership will help us provide the best possible experience for them,” stated Mirantis president and CEO Adrian Ionel. “Through this partnership, Mirantis and Nexenta will be able to free the data center by providing customers with the greatest amount of choice in cloud solutions, allowing them to take advantage of the latest and greatest open source innovations on the fly.”

Companies such a ScaleMatrix have already benefited from the combination of Mirantis OpenStack and NexentaStor. ScaleMatrix provides cloud-based services to major IT systems vendors, as well as public and private sector organizations. OpenStack solutions gave them access to innovative technologies that enhanced their delivery of customer service. In addition to Nexenta and Mirantis, ScaleMatrix also partnered with Dell, which invested in Mirantis earlier this year. Dell and others gave Mirantis $10 million to continue developing its vendor-agnostic OpenStack platforms.

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