AMD recently updated its Opteron 6300 lineup with new designs that use less power and feature slower clock speeds. Since many highly virtualized cloud storage systems use chips that max out on I/O and memory before all CPU resources can be utilized, enterprises may increasingly require these more energy efficient architectures. Supermicro, a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner, has announced that it will ship motherboards and server appliances that support Opteron 6300 chips, providing new options to data center operators.

Two new designs are entering the Opteron 6300 line. The Opteron 6370P has 16 cores and a base clock speed of 2 GHz, while the Opteron 6338 has 12 cores and clocks in at 2.3 GHz. More importantly, both have thermal design power rated at 99 watts, compared to up to 140 watts for the previous generation of Opteron 6300 designs. The chips are based on the 32nm Piledriver architecture.

Supermicro’s related products include single, dual and quad socket G34 motherboards, servers and SuperBlade solutions. The new products may bring a 27 percent boost in performance per watt per dollar.

“[The] AMD Opteron 6338P and 6370P processors were designed to deliver optimized performance per watt per dollar, and to address the complex data center and cloud computing challenges customers face today,” said AMD vice president Suresh Gopalakrishnan. “With Supermicro’s strong suite of server solutions shipping with our new AMD Opteron 6300 processors, customers can immediately deploy cost-optimized solutions tailored for their specific applications and take complete advantage of low power and high density without a compromise in performance.”

The idea for a new line of low-power chips came from financial services providers using AMD’s Open 3.0 platform, which it developed in accordance with the Open Compute Project. AMD’s updated processors will be showcased at the upcoming Open Compute Project Summit in California.

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