EVault, a Seagate company and Cloud Builder Alliance Partner, recently announced backup and recovery services for Microsoft Windows Azure. These solutions protect server data, applications and operating systems across platforms, simplifying the management of heterogenous IT setups under the Azure cloud umbrella.

The new offering is compatible with Linux, Unix, Windows and IBM i, plus it supports hypervisors such as Vmware ESXi and Windows Server with Hyper-V. EVault's disaster and recovery tools may be ideal for enterprises that are under increasing pressure to backup and store data at low cost and with high reliability.

To that end, EVault solutions use custom disk technology with built-in deduplication, as well as tracking of changes at the block level. Organizations may also benefit from incorporation of strong encryption, as well as compression techniques that reduce bandwidth and the overall cloud storage footprint.

"More than half of the Fortune 500 is already using Windows Azure," stated EVault president and general manger Terry Cunningham. "Integrating our flagship product into this extremely successful platform is an opportunity for us to bring the power of our cloud-connected technology to more organizations around the world. We are proud to offer customers the data protection they need to meet their computing and business goals."

Ultimately, EVault services enable organizations to take advantage of existing Microsoft investments while trimming costs along the way. Companies in heavily regulated sectors such as financial services and healthcare may welcome new options for disaster and recovery that facilitate easier compliance and more economical data management.

Prior to this announcement, EVault offered one year of Evault Endpoint Protection to to Azure customers. This product is a cloud-connected security, backup and recovery solution for devices, playing to EVault's strengths in leveraging cloud infrastructure to help businesses protect data.

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