Hyve Solutions, a leading supplier of data center servers and storage appliances, recently used Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage platform as the basis for products built in accordance with Open Compute Project standards. Hyve’s new offerings forego HDD interfaces in favor of fabric Ethernet, achieving higher density and lower cost.

The Hyve Solutions OCP 1320 and Hyve Solutions 1316 Ambient Series both leverage Seagate’s innovative platform. Kinetic Open Storage allows applications to communicate directly with storage devices via open source key/value APIs for Ethernet drives, thus removing the storage server tier from the stack. Accordingly, it brings software up to speed with the evolution of hardware, moving beyond reliance on the file systems and physical attributes associated with local storage and toward a more efficient, object-oriented model.

For Hyve, Kinetic Open Storage provided a way to create solutions built to the OCP Open Rack specification but also capable of fitting into standard 19-inch racks. Products will be offered in a 1U chassis, containing 20 HDDs for the OCP 1320 and 16 HDDs for the 1316 Ambient Series.

“Seagate’s Kinetic technology has enabled us to increase storage density, while maintaining an energy efficient profile, all of which are critical to our largest storage cloud customers,” stated Hvye Solutions senior vice president and general manager Steve Ichinaga.

Hyve unveiled similar products at the recent Open Compute Project Summit in San Francisco. It collaborated with Fusion-io on a solution that combined OCP 1500 servers with flash memory, resulting in a power-efficient, vanity-free design that lets data center operators tap into the hyperscale operations that have supported companies such as Facebook.

Like its products built with Kinetic Open Storage, Hyve’s OCP 1500 appliances strike a balance between OCP specifications and industry standards. They are usable with 19-inch server racks, giving companies more flexibility in upgrading data centers.

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