Chief Telecom, a Taiwan-based cloud service provider, recently launched its Chief Cloud Integrated Storage Service (CCIS) in partnership with Seagate, Intel and QNAP to cater to the rapidly growing enterprise cloud storage market.

The CCIS aims to provide enterprises with reliable end-to-end data storage services to serve the thriving cloud computing market in Taiwan. The partnership with Chief Telecom allows Seagate to expand its presence in this fast-growing market and raise greater awareness of its HDD solutions for data centers.

“It’s critical for technology leaders such as ourselves to be able to innovate quickly, to stay ahead of the curve by building products and solutions that will remain relevant for users today and tomorrow,” said BanSeng Teh, SVP, Seagate Asia Pacific and Japan.

Huang Jenlang, chairman of Chief Telecom, added: “The strong support provided by Intel, QNAP and Seagate enables our CCIS to make enterprise cloud solutions readily available to individual companies for them to use within their own data centers.”

Into the Cloud

The CCIS project comes at an opportune time, when businesses are turning to cloud computing to leverage its benefits in a highly competitive business environment.

Seagate’s sales and technical teams worked closely with the CCIS project partners to identify and test the best hard drive options for a proof-of-concept design. Now, Seagate’s NAS HDD and Enterprise Capacity drives are working as the backbone of this system, helping Chief Telecom stay “flexible and scalable so it can meet the high levels of service their customers demand, while also reducing energy and cooling costs,” Teh explained.

“We believe that it’s extremely critical for data centers to be able to evolve rapidly, especially as storage capacity continues to move toward the cloud and businesses look for industry partners who can provide the proven, reliable platform for meeting this ever-increasing demand,” he added.

In addition to data storage and security concerns, businesses also look for cost efficiency when considering cloud solutions. “Chief Telecom’s CCIS service offers customers the performance, scalability and flexibility required to manage their growth in data,” said Bev Crair, GM of Intel’s storage division. “Having an integrated system solution delivers a highly efficient and cost-optimized end-to-end solution.”

“Seagate is committed to working closely with our partners to continue exploring new and innovative ways to store more within an existing footprint while lowering operational costs and total cost of ownership,” added Teh. “We’re very excited about the possibilities that the CCIS project brings and look forward to developing solutions that address the needs of the industry, specifically within cloud and data centers.” — By Lotus Tan

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